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Ai-DBA provides preventive administration tasks by analyzing the statistical data at the backend with mixture of Machine Learning algorithms. Ai-DBA is the Cloud based database administration services which starts supporting all versions and editions after Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Why Choose Ai-DBA?



Fard Solutions Sdn Bhd, the aim is to empower every single company for preventive database administration via artificial intelligence methods and practices.



Ai-DBA, Revolutionize the Microsoft SQL Server Administration and Maintenance.



For Chief Technology Officer/Head of IT who requires to make sure databases are running smoothly in ideal environment, the Ai-DBA is an intelligence system that can provide preventive administration or maintenance tasks by reviewing the SQL Server regularly. Unlike ordinary DBAs, our product continuously learning.


The followings are the feature overview of the entire system.


Recommendations will be provided to system administrator via E-mail and Customer Portal notifications, in order to make preventive administration or maintenance tasks. This feature also provides completed T-SQL script in order to smooth off the implementation.

Weekly Reports

Customers will receive SQL Server related reports on weekly basis in order to keep track of resource utilization, capacity planning, database activities and severe events within the environment.


The Ai-DBA is able to communicate with customer through Machine Voice Call (On-Way) in regards of Severe Errors and Alerts; and through E-Mail via Natural Language Processing feature.

Ai-DBA Provides
Weekly Report

The Weekly Reports are Categorized into Three.

  • Resource Utilization
  • Database Activities
  • Windows Event Logs
  • Capacity Planning Trend
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    Recommendation Email Sample

    Ai-DBA Provides

    The Recommendations are send to System Administrator every 48hours. Ai-DBA Produce Recommendations in 6 Major Categories and into 60 Subcategories.

  • Administration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Security Hardening
  • Troubleshooting (Deadlock & Blocking)
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Consolidation
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    What's New?

    The followings are the feature released for each product update.

    We brought the following feature updates in version

    • Voice Call Alerts and Messages. The Ai-DBA system makes a call within 5 seconds once critical errors or warnings occur in SQL Server instance and/or Windows Server environment.
    • Network Communication. Every agent instance is able to communicate with the peers within the network to accomplish the given commands.
    • Resource Semaphore. The Ai-DBA is able to analyze the database resource utilization and limit the resource usage per database.
    • Policies. The database policies provide more consistent environment for future deployments.
    • Auto Execution. Every recommendation script can be executed automatically via agent instance during non-peak hours or same day mid-night.
    • Certificate Managements. The Ai-DBA system backs up all self generated certificates.
    • Database High Availability. The Ai-DBA system is able to setup high available database environment automatically based on the workload and database activities.
    • Database Disaster Recovery. The Ai-DBA system is able to setup disaster recovery database environment automatically based on the SQL Server, networks and database activities.
    • Enhancement on Agent Instance. The Ai-DBA agent instance is able to collect statistics data with resumable mode.
    • Enhancement on Script Generation. All the generated scripts are ready to run with no amendment.

    We brought the following feature updates in version

    • Windows Service based Agent. The Ai-DBA agent installed as Windows Service to reduce configuration effort along providing high degree of availability and stability.
    • Capacity Planning Trend. The Capacity Planning report and prediction added to help out IT infrastructure expansion.
    • Statistics Tuning. Ai-DBA is now able to create new statistics based on database workloads in order to increase the database performance.
    • Severe Alerts. The servere alerts will be reroute to Ai-DBA to provide close to real-time awareness.
    • Disk IO Performance Test. Disk IO performance highly affect the database, therefore Ai-DBA is able to test the IO subsystem prior SQL Server installation.
    • Instance Cache Plan Management. The Cache Plan management releases un-used plan caches to increase the database performance.
    • Identify Peak and Non-Peak Hours. Ai-DBA is able to find the pattern of peak and non-peak hours to provide intelligent database maintenance.
    • Database Federation. The federation can help to reduce the IO contention on databases and increases the performance.
    • Database Encryption. Databases will be encrypted based on their workload and confidentiality of data via Machine Learning algorithms.
    • Backup Encryption. The backups will get encrypted automatically if meet the criteria.

    We brought the following feature updates in version

    • Index Tuning. ACreates missing indexes, disable unused indexes, defragment and design new indexes in order to improve database workload performance consistently.
    • On-Prem & On-Cloud Backup. The database backups are able to be taken on-premise and on-cloud (Azure) automatically.
    • Database Audits. The database changes will be audited and reported to system administrator on weekly basis.
    • Corruption Recovery. The corruption recovery notice will be send to system administrator with specific guidlines.
    • Upgrade and Patching. Identifies the installed patches and latest available patches from Microsoft.
    • Data Compression. Index and Tables will be compressed if the process can improve the performance, this uses specific algorithms.
    • File Placement. Database files will be placed into different drives/volumes based on the disk availability and IO latency.
    • Instance Configuration. Configuration will be done based on existing workload and hardware resources. It might get change time to time.
    • Login and User Security. The logins and users access privileges will be evaluated.

    We brought the following feature updates in version

    • Weekly Reports. The weekly reports are consist of resource utilization, database activities,
    • Troubleshooting The troubleshooting is focused on deadlocks and blockings.
    • Database Configuration. The configuration will be advised based on workload and available resources.
    • Statistical Data Collection.The statistical data collection process in order to have Machine Learning and Classification features at our reposity.

    How It Works

    The product has an agent application which collects and upload the statistical data, and it does perform Machine Learning at the cloud backend to provide Recommendations with Generated Scripts.

    Collect Statistic Data

    There lots of valuable information in SQL Server Statistics Data, The Agent Collects Required Data and Upload them Into the Cloud Database for Further Analysis.

    Analyze Data

    There will be over 200 analysis rules to make find the data patterns.

    Machine Learning

    The Machine Learning Algorithms will be Ran Against the Analyzed Data.


    The Result of Machine Learning Places as Recommendations and Scripts for Immediate Action. There after, the notification E-mail will be Sent.

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