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Artificial Intelligence
Database Administrator

Ai-DBA provides preventive administration and maintenance by analyzing the statistical data at the backend with use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

Buckle up your DBA

Enhancing the DBA capability and capacity in handling increased Duty Volume. It means when Duty Volume grows, the actual DBA workload should be of little or no change. With Duty Volume more than doubled, the DBA workload remains almost unchanged. To achieve this goal, there must be lots of automation plus a comprehensive administration platform. 

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Key Features

Preventive maintenance and proactive administration with power of machine learning

Intelligent maintenance window

Exact peak and non-peak hours of SQL Server database instance for better maintenance window allocation.

Preventive Maintenance

Predict upcoming problems via historical data analyzed in prediction models, and provides workaround instructions and scripts to prevent catastrophic disaster.

Proactive Administration

Analyzes the statistical data and provides recommendation base on database workload to get utmost from hardware resources.

Database High Availability

Analyzes the SQL Server instances within the farm, evaluate and recommend for best high availability solution for existing workload and infrastructure.

Database Consolidation

Evaluate the database workload  and compatibility to recommend consolidation for better use of licenses and hardware resources.

Performance Tuning

Gain performance with no app changes with intelligence query optimization.

Database Security

The best of machine learning and abnormal detection on data access and security.

Intelligent Communication

The first ever system which human can communicate and command to perform task.

Extensive Knowledgebase

The best of internet search, intelligence summarization and itemization.

You need a system that keeps up your databases with the changing world 

Ai-DBA learns from workload,   
predicts catastrophic disasters and recommends the necessary changes.

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